Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Syndy Emade looking fab
  The most anticipated premiere of a Cameroonian Movie this 2015 Rose On The Grave  held this Saturday at Saint John's Plaza Douala.Needless to say it was a star studded event.With the likes of Agbor Gilbert,Alenne Menget,Solange Yijika,Stanley Enow,Feauturist,Epule Jeffrey and Many more.The Limbe Premiere is on the 28 of November at FINI hotel
.You do not want to miss this,Trust me.I don't plan on it.More strength to you Syndy Emade.P.s Our Cameroonian celebs made us proud.Their outfits were so on point!Keep repping you all.


Of course Kelly-B models were there!I c u Abigail Banks!

Bah-Bah masters-Feuturists

Nsang Dilong and Ruth Nkwenti

of course the boss was there!Its Fredashh!!

Solange Yijika....fab fab!!!
Epule Jeff!Cute!

Agbor Gilbert.We loving the smile boss!

Ruth,Solange Ayuk,Emade

Nsang Dilong.Perfection!

Stanley Enow *In my Stanley Enow voice*

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