Saturday, October 10, 2015


 Hey my beautiful MBK readers....Hope you guys are having an amazing day!!Mine has been...well lets just say full of surprises.I Will probably do a post about this day sometime...or not!LOL.So i know because of my absence some of you have forgotten about me and some probably hate me or don't trust me....the list goes on.I just want to say am sorry and it wont happen again.I have probably said that more times than i can remember...but wth am still going to say it and i know you forgive me...cuz u love me!!who doesnt??LOL.Ok am kidding.Really i am sorry and i will be more regular around here.So enough about me...I present to you our Hottie of the Week.Her name is Cynthia Ngala.She is an upcoming model who is giving the likes of Emade Cythia and the some others a run for their money.hehehe.She is signed under Kelly-B models.Sorry guys she is in a relationship.But looking is free.hehehe.See more pictures of this beautiful woman after the break.Enjoy