Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cameroonian jailed for texting 'I'm in love with you' to another man

A Cameroon appeals court upheld a sentence against a man convicted of homosexuality for texting his male friend to say, "I'm very much in love with you."

Roger Mbede, a university student, was arrested in March last year after the man who received the message tipped off authorities, Human Rights Watch said.

A court sentenced Mbede to three years in prison at the time after he was beaten to coerce a confession, according to the group
In July, after more than a year in detention, Mbede was released as his case went through the appeals process, the rights group said in a statement.
Cameroon's life-lesson 'Aunties'
The appeals court issued its ruling Monday.

"The decision sends a warning to LGBT Cameroonians that they risk beatings, arrests, and imprisonment simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity."[True talk there!No offense to gays].lol

Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries, where sodomy laws were introduced during colonialism.
Cameroon's sentences for homosexual acts vary between six months to five years, the rights group said, citing justice ministry records.

Friday, December 14, 2012


 ''Cameroons got no talent,in fact they suck''.A guy said that at Jovi Lemonstre[aka Don4Kwat];s concert and a whole crowd got the guy well beaten.!Lol!Like seriously i was there![yes i was]that guy[aka Don4Kwat]; is good! Jovi LeMonstre and Rapstar Magasco ,Steveslil,Denzyl,Wes Don,Flurry Boys were all guest at Jovi's album launch in Buea  on wednesday 12.It was a huge turnout!In fact the show was the booomb!Though it didn't start on time 7;pm,like they said it would[it started at about 8;30pm]Mc Petit Sony had the crowd going[You knw hw he does it1].In Fact the show was A BLASTT!.Pics below...
Jovi on stage

Joan Ngomab and Model/actress Eka

Steveslil on stage!

Mc Petit Sony and Renise

Petit Sony and Steveslil
Magasco,Petit sony and Tiana Gasha

Hottie Of The Week!!EPOSI TONI!

Ok,she is not an actress or a producer or a director or anything entertainment!She is my cousin!She just graduated from Cambridge University with a Diploma in Management.How cool is that???Anywayz...she is Hot and i just wanted to say Congratulations sis.Im so proud of You!Come on MBK readers,show some love......

Monday, December 10, 2012


     Heyy y'all...yeaa yeaa i missed u too[lol].Been foreva right?Well be rest assured i didn't abandone you all for nothing.Ok,Camer has received alot of Nollywood stars,from Patience Ozorkwo to Olu Jacobs and from Van Vicker to Jim Iyke,from Collette Orji to Eucharia Anunobi and alot more.This weekend guess who stormed Limbe???Uche Jumbo,Collette Orji and Kevin Brook!!

    BLOOD or WINE premiered on the 7 of December 2012 at Hotel Seme Beach, Movie starrin,Jim Iyke, Uche Jombo, Jeff Epule, Quinta Eyoung Ashu, Yijika Solange.They looked so fly!More pictures after the cut....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


       MuMaK signees JOVI,RENISE and MAGASCO have been nominated for this year's prestigious Mboa Hip Hop Awards scheduled to take place at Limbe's exotic Seme Beach Hotel, this Nov. 24th, 2012!
       Jovi who is known for his hit song,''DON 4 KWAT'', MuMaK's first lady,RENISE whose ''Holywata''got us begging for more and MAGASCO who did ''Lineloba''have been acknowledged for their hard work.
       Please VOTE for and Support them via this link!!!!Heyy no discrimination here ok...i love all ma fab Cameroonian artist.Follow the link and vote for who you think deserves to win!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Rage a movie by Kang Quintus premiered this saturday.It was a glamourous events with celebs from Kang Quintus,Sahndra Fon Dufe,Ayuk Ojage,Sama Ndango,Eweli Helen, to Manka Nadine,Nganje Mattz,Moh Adolf and a whole lot of others were present and looking as hot as ever.While the some made it a thing of colour others were there to de-colour the event.Heyyy don't hate me now...i didn't say  she should wear that ridiculous top!!!!!!! offense!!!lol..Rage Premier in Pictures.After the cut....Tell us...who Glammed up and who Shammed up?

Thursday, November 8, 2012


    Hey sweets...
             Only the best and interesting for you all.OK as it is Eucharia Anunobi,Nolly wood actress turn Evangelist is in Cameroon.Yes,she is now an Evangelist!yesterday she posted on her Facebook page;

''I am just an oracle in the hands of my God and i'll follow steadily as HE leads! Eucharia Anunobi is on her way to winning more souls for the kingdom of God in Cameroon. Join me in prayers everyone for its not an easy part that which i've committed myself into.'' 

    Today i got it from a very reliable source that she is in Tiko.Have not really had my hand on any photos of her but when i do,which i believe will be pretty soon,guess who will be the first to see.!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


     Yea i have been waiting for this all week.Hello sweets...its another show case of Cameroonian talent.Rage..A movie by award winning actor Kang Quintus will premier on saturday the 10 October at HOTEL RESIDENCE CARLOS,BUEA.
      Famous names like Kang Quintus,Jefferey Epule,Selambi Belynda,NgwaneHansel,Manka
Nadine,Penjo Pete and many more will be in attendance.
If you are in Buea on Saturday,Hotel Residence Carlos
is one place you should be.As for me,you know where i will be on saturday!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


  1.     As it is,the DAMA AWARD[Dream African Movie Award] is around the corner.Well there is confusion on who is to host DAMA. Mc Sony Omar publicly proclaimed on his facebook page that he and Model Miss Nsang Dilong are to be the host.On the other hand,Sama Ndango,aka ''Mr Fix it'' of the Sama Ndango show and actress Solange Yijika are said to be the Host!
        The DAMA Award is scheduled for 27 November 2012,at Azam Hotel,Bamenda-Cameroon.We do hope the confusion is sorted out because 27 is not so far!Some of us have already started ordering for our dresses and if that does not hold...well....good luck Cameroonians!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


  Happy birthday to miss Pride of The Pridine show!Many more years to her!


Saturday, September 29, 2012


 Hey people

         So sorry im doing this now.But heyy its better late than never right??!So i bring to you model turn footballer,Fon Armand.You cannot tell me that is Not Hot!Just looking at all those....makes me want to.....''uuhhuummnn''.Ok he is 23,a Cameroonian and was signed to Vineyard Modelling Agency.He recently quite modelling.Temporary he says.And ladies.......he is SINGLE.Well there are alot of blind girls in Oman...!!!hehe.Well people...what do  you say?Hot or Not?

Friday, September 28, 2012


hey mi loves
         Another audition....i just love promotion.Ok.....this one is ETAH PICTURES AND RECORDS.Its a christian entertainment house in Buea south west Region.Gospel artiste auditioning coming up on the 27th Oct 2012 at amphi 600 Ub as from 10am Registration per artiste 10 000frs and 20 000frs for a group.Jury is going to comprise of Emile ngoumba of M1 studio, Evangelist Ben Awabi, Mary mandi Chino.
  • Winners goes home with a record deal with ETAH RECORDS
  • including the production of an audio, video album and marketting plus a national tour
  • and a price of 50 000frs
  • rrunner up 25 000frs
  • then the first 5 will have a track together.
      Forms are available at SCn tv bonduma Buea,Catholic bookshop molyko bueaAlex bookshop half mile Limbe,Catholic church tiko,Guest artiste will be Hannah Ewone Perfoming her hit so ''if no b u''.
    • Normal attendance fee is 1000frs VIP seats for family 5000frs
    • contacts 74 11 0220, 74213125 76561147

Friday, September 14, 2012


       The long awaited regional audition for Miss West Africa-Cameroon is finally over.12 models made it to the national finals.The 12 ladies from all over Cameroon will arrive Hotel Residence Carlos tomorrow 15 September and they will be lodged for a week.
       They will go on activities like,Photo shoots,visitation of hospitals and ophanages,Tv programs and many more.Evictions will be on tuesday and friday and the finale on saturday.I talked to the Cameroon co-ordinator and C.E.O of Fredash Modeling Agency,ALFRED NEMFOR and he confirmed that the show will kick off on the 15 and the winner is said to represent Cameroon at the international finals in Sierra Leone this december.


         Its that time of the week...friday.You know how we do it.Im sorry i have been silent in the game.To those of you who did send emails.I did see them and i apologise for being quiet.Im going to do all of them and to those who don't know what im talking about, on MBK every friday we choose a face who represents our hottie of the week.It may be a celeb or just a random face.What you do is send in the persons picture via our email.Send in your photos now to be our next weeks hottie.Our email is Hottie of this week is Cameroonian-born actress OKAWA SHAZNAY.


     Where all the hidden celebs at?You want to be a star?????VINEYARD MODELS AGENCY is here!!! .Hunting for raw talents.Have you always wanted to be heard and seen?This is your chance!   
What you waiting for Camer-stars.Rise and shine!The Bamenda auditions is coming up really soon.Stay tuned cuz im going to bring every little detail to you.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey peepz.
  when i did the piece on COLLETTE ORJI coming to Cameroon,i recieved some hateful emails people telling me to stop bluffing.Ok i hear una.She is here now.In your face haters!She is in Cameroon and i had the priviledge to talk with her in her hotel room in Kumba.Such a sweet and polite lady.Love you Coco!.She is still here and will be hitting Buea on Monday.So if there is anyone who will like to meet her in person..u know how we do it here on MBK.Email...Well i did look great behind her though!Here are some pictures for you...


Friday, August 10, 2012

Hottie Of The Week!NSANG DILONG

Hey dolls....
    ok i have decided to add this on our list.Every friday we going to have one face  to be our Hottie of the week.You can email me a picture of a model,actress,blogger,producer,director or a just a Hottie you think is hot to be our hottie of the week.He/she my not be a celeb but heyy...we are here to promote right?Anybody you think is Hot our first Hottie of the week is MISS WEST AFRICA,CAMEROON 2011,NSANG DILONG.Is she Hot or Not?I vote Hot!


Thursday, August 9, 2012


She is a Cameroonian  actress who lives in Vernice,Italy.She has a huge passion for acting and incredibly great at interpreting scripts.She is a very friendly and sincere person with a very charming smile.This is CARINENASH KING,one actress you will never regret working with.Her manager AYUK OJAGE tells me they are working on her coming to Cameroon for some movie productions.This is an actress you should look forward to seeing on our screens!You can meet her on facebook via *

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


       Its your girl miss bangz and i've got sometyhing you all going to love!Ok...i just got thgis information from the source itself that.....MISS COLLETTE ORJI is going to be in Cameroon!!!!For the very few who will be asking who she is....??Well thats why you have got me right?She is Cameroon -born Nollywood superstar!Does that make sense?hehe...Ok she was born in Cameroon,she got her primary and secondary education here!She later on moved to Nigeria and became a Nollywood actress!She has acted with so many big names like OLU JACOB,PATIENCE OZUKWOR,NADIA BUARI,UCHE JOMBO and a whole lot of others.Why she is coming to Cameroon?She said CAMEROON has given her so much so its time for her to try and give back a little.Hey did i mention that she is coming here for her birthday party?ohh My kongossa[gossip] mouth again!!!!Well she will be here on friday the  10th August which is also her birthday!Well i certainly cannot wait to actually meet her in person!You can catch her on her keep you posted thought for more on her!Untill then loves!!!!  xoxo!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey there MBK readers
               The results of the GCE 2012 is out.Like they say,''June is Collective,While August is Selective.''.You wondering where you go get the results for free?Don't worry i got you covered.To all those who made it congratz and to the unfortunate once..well you've always got next year right?!A big shout out to my friend  and camer's finest,hip hop artist NDINAYI EMMANUEAL.. aka JAY JAY...congratulation pretty boy!My kid sister NENE MBENG.,im proud of you liltle sister!!



       Just click on the link and you will get your results.....Goodluck people!

Thursday, July 26, 2012



                     Hom Breeze is back with its 3rd season!!!! yeeeeeaaahhhh!!!.For those of you who don't know what im talking about,Hom Breeze is a TV show which airs on Hi TV Cameroon.HOM BREEZE is presented by Media Host,Actor and Blogger Mattz.It had two seasons which are already on the Hi tv .The 3th season which is going 2 be aired on the 11 of august is going to comprise of new developments:

1. The Graphics animation has been modified considerably to meet up the viewer's satisfaction
2. The official colour has been changed.
3. The length of the program has been reduced from 57minutes to 27minutes.
4. The name of Season 3 has been dubbed 'The Room Service Season"
                  All of this and a surprise the team has in store for viewers are all intended to give a more professional touch to the entire program. All the other slots of the program remain there same.Well....we can't wait for the 11th.Gudluck Hom Breeze Crew. Kudos Mattz!!!!