Monday, October 28, 2013


           Hey people,Its a Monday and i know y'all be getting down to your normal weekely routins.The weekend was fun for me and im hoping it was the same with y'all fabulous readers.
        So i got this song like a really long time ago when it was released but due to the fact that i was somewhere with really terrible connections i couldn't it.I know most of you must have heard the song,but what the hell,i am still going to post it anyway.
           I also have the press statement from her record label STEVENS.Please just bear with me,will try as much as possible not to post late stuffs but when something is just so good i have to. And yea..i will definitely not disappear for this long
        Her name is GASHA and her brand new single ''Kaki Mbere'' was released on the 3rd of October 2013.With this record,Gasha marks her arrival to the African and international music scene with her unique voice ans style.Listen to the song here and see the press release statement after the cut.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Where my  party people at??With all the election fever that had been all over us lately I know just the right way to relax you guys.Only the best for my fabulous MBK readers.This weekend Kamer finest Banye aka ''Banso Boy'' is to hit Limbe City Council on the Saturday 5 from 7pm .So you know how its going down this weekend.I know where i will be this weekend,what about you??


Hey people,
       You know how i like making everybody that is anybody in Cameroon's business my business right??Well i was kind of going through facebook today and guess what i found?!!Alenne Menget a renown Cameroon Actor had alot to say to the Public on how they do not react to our industry positively.Before i put my big mouth into trouble and say what i should that ever
.No be me talk ohh....See what he had to say after the jump....

      Na which country this wey yi no fit celebrate yi people. My Cameroonians think its only the Government that should celebrate exceptional people with medals. Come to think of it we are very envious, and that is the reason that we can't grow. I wander if there is a set of people who do not support their local arts. JOVI, the hip hop artist does a hits song and we all move towards him, the day Stanley Enoh does his own hit song we all move from Jovi to Stanley and start causing animosity amongst them. Can both of them not be stars at the same time? Why can we not maintain a star. I have gone round Cameroon to see the kind of new generations songs we have. They can fit all aspects in the world market but because its done by Cameroonians, that evil spirit will make Cameroonians minimize the artists. Na which kind country with no one movie star with all the talents I know around. Who has told you that John Domelo and newly delivered Jim Iyke are better than these guys. It is just because of our local tradition of pulling down our selves. I take a pose with John Domelo on facebook, all my friends claim a personal relation with Ghanian John Domelo until I ask publicly if am not seen on that picture. Newly delivered Jim Iyke, comes to Cameroon with is trousers below his buttocks, and you fellow Cameroon movie actors to perform along side him in a movie start adoring him and acting inferior. How will he not look down on you and knock all ladies from airport to set and minimize our local artist. This attitude goes to all departments of our society. We are too mean to each other, that is why we keep consuming expensive foreign products and hating our selves. A big country like ours without a single celebrity? Look at small country like Gambia, Malawi etc all represented in Multichoice Africa, Big Brother Africa, wuna own na for shidong look, criticize, then pull down. I personally took years to get confidence in what I do bc of this mentality but I think I think its time to end this nonsense. Why would you not appreciate your brother and encourage him? Go to our media houses. Our productions are the weakest, witch hurting. Which program do you admire on our TVs? Instead of producing, producers and presenters are fighting, Francophones and Anglophones are fight at work.“Over sabi them” everywhere. That is why we find time criticizing our things and not working to build them. Don't worry eh, after elections Mr Biya and pa Ni will come produce TV programs for you yah. But when one brings an initiative, everyone condemns it, when it starts working, every one falls on it. Which kind people we be, that we celebrate money doubles and thieves than talents. This thing di hot me, I fit write for ever.

        WOW!That was what went through my mind the first time i read that.Wonder whats going through your minds.Will love to read of course.Drop a comment and tell  me what you think im sure Alenne will be reading .xoxo


Hey Fabulous MBK readers,
      How has it been with you all?Well hope you guys are having a blast doing whatever you are doing.This is my first post in three months and i am very sorry i have not updated you all on whats been up and running in camair,there is a very good reason for that. Well i lost my elder sister.She still has not been buried but i feel like i have abandoned my other family[My faithful MBK readers] for way to long so i decided 2 be putting up all what i had,it may be old news to some of you but heyyy...i am bereaved alright??Cut a sister some slack aight??? here it goes... 
         Word is Ghanian Superstar John Dumelo is in Cameroon.He is working with prominent Cameroonian director, Enah JohnScott on a movie titled ''My Gallery'' as well as on a Producer/Director Penjo Pete's ''Aspire Africa'' a TV show hosted by Anita Ngaha.Model/Actress Emade Syndy had the pleasure of meeting him too.