Friday, May 17, 2013


So Mama Bey is pregnant again!!!!Well yea but its not yet been confirmed by her,Though Multiple sources have confirmed to E! that the Single Ladies singer is indeed with her second child!Well she's an African-American after all.After every 1 year!Hehe..Congratz to Beyonce and Jay-z though.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Hello People,
Arthur Iyok
         Hoe you all doing?I know some of you are totally hating on me right now and calling me fake but before you all crucify me,you should first put it in mind that i have school and my final exams are just around the corner.So with your understanding in mind i promise to try to give y'all as much as i can about whats happening with your favourite people in the industry.That being said these are some pictures of Actor Arthur Iyok's ''WHISPERS'' movie premier which took place on the 27 of April at Dream Lounge,Buea.From the pictures,i could very well see the event moved on successfully.Most A list actors and actresses likeSolange Yijika,Nchifor Valery,Ruth Nkwenti,Lynno Lovet,Samson Tarh etc graced the occasion,President of the Cameroon Film Industry Otia Vitalis Was also present.Enjoy the pictures and more strenght to your elbow Arthur.

Ruth Nkwenti

Solange Yijika

Lynno Lovet

Otia Vitalis

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