Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hot huh????I know right!!I'm sorry i really cannot tell you much about Sarah.Someone just sent it to me and i couldn't help but share with you guys.What i can tell you is what i was told.She won the Reality Tv show with Wax Dey.Remember?See Here The 'Number One Girl' Reality show and she featured in his music video.Haven't really seen it though.Can someone please send me a link?Will love to see.Please if you want to send a picture can you please give me all the details?Thanks.So you know how we do it around here.Would appreciate all your comments and am sure Sarah Will too.Don't forget to Like and share.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Hey y' know what i always say...better late than never right?Well im not saying that anymore lol.What im saying is our Hottie Of The Week will be presented on a saturday instead of a friday thats because i turn to be less occupied and its more preferable on a saturday don't you just agree?Thanks for your understanding.Without much we go.
    So this week i present to you a young,beautiful.intelligent, and above all a very talented Upcoming actress.Her name is Miss Kelly Ade.She is 21 years old and has featured in many movies with so many Cameroonian actors and actress as well as international actors and actresses.Her most resent work is ''WHISPERS'' which she was nominated for CMMA and SONNAH AWARDS for best upcoming actress and best actress in a supporting role respectively.SONNAH award is set to take place on the 28 December 2013 at Hilton Hotel Yaounde.Well good luck to all of the nominees and a special good luck to her.You know i like to know what you think right?Drop your comments and tell me what you think and to feature or send a picture of anyone you think is Hot enough to be featured as the Hottie of the week send me a mail  via
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Friday, December 6, 2013


His name is Besong Stans otherwise known as Play-B.Yes he is from Mamfe base in Rotterdams,Netherlands and yes Bayangi boys be leading the Industry now lol.
      So he just released his new album Afrotone,which is a total hit.....i must add....Anyway here is a link on how to get your copies. . this link to watch the ''Sexy girl'' video


Hey my relentless MBK readers
              Hope you all have been having a fabulous week?Yea yea..i already know the answer to that.Nelson Mandela's death and all.Indeed he was a great leader and will be missed dearly.May his soul rest in Peace.
       Well i am not here to dampen your mood So i just got this and wanted to share with you all.Our dearest Indomitable Lions made us proud and qualified for the World cup in Brazil beating Tunisia 4 goals to 1.shocking??i kow right?The list of how the matches will be played has been released.Cameroon is on group A with Croacia,Brazil,and Mexico.That can either be a blessing.....or a knows.See the other groups...
 Well whatever the case may be...Good luck to all the Countries.187 days until the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil kicks-off.Let the countdown begin.....