Thursday, July 26, 2012



                     Hom Breeze is back with its 3rd season!!!! yeeeeeaaahhhh!!!.For those of you who don't know what im talking about,Hom Breeze is a TV show which airs on Hi TV Cameroon.HOM BREEZE is presented by Media Host,Actor and Blogger Mattz.It had two seasons which are already on the Hi tv .The 3th season which is going 2 be aired on the 11 of august is going to comprise of new developments:

1. The Graphics animation has been modified considerably to meet up the viewer's satisfaction
2. The official colour has been changed.
3. The length of the program has been reduced from 57minutes to 27minutes.
4. The name of Season 3 has been dubbed 'The Room Service Season"
                  All of this and a surprise the team has in store for viewers are all intended to give a more professional touch to the entire program. All the other slots of the program remain there same.Well....we can't wait for the 11th.Gudluck Hom Breeze Crew. Kudos Mattz!!!!