Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cameroonian jailed for texting 'I'm in love with you' to another man

A Cameroon appeals court upheld a sentence against a man convicted of homosexuality for texting his male friend to say, "I'm very much in love with you."

Roger Mbede, a university student, was arrested in March last year after the man who received the message tipped off authorities, Human Rights Watch said.

A court sentenced Mbede to three years in prison at the time after he was beaten to coerce a confession, according to the group
In July, after more than a year in detention, Mbede was released as his case went through the appeals process, the rights group said in a statement.
Cameroon's life-lesson 'Aunties'
The appeals court issued its ruling Monday.

"The decision sends a warning to LGBT Cameroonians that they risk beatings, arrests, and imprisonment simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity."[True talk there!No offense to gays].lol

Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries, where sodomy laws were introduced during colonialism.
Cameroon's sentences for homosexual acts vary between six months to five years, the rights group said, citing justice ministry records.

Friday, December 14, 2012


 ''Cameroons got no talent,in fact they suck''.A guy said that at Jovi Lemonstre[aka Don4Kwat];s concert and a whole crowd got the guy well beaten.!Lol!Like seriously i was there![yes i was]that guy[aka Don4Kwat]; is good! Jovi LeMonstre and Rapstar Magasco ,Steveslil,Denzyl,Wes Don,Flurry Boys were all guest at Jovi's album launch in Buea  on wednesday 12.It was a huge turnout!In fact the show was the booomb!Though it didn't start on time 7;pm,like they said it would[it started at about 8;30pm]Mc Petit Sony had the crowd going[You knw hw he does it1].In Fact the show was A BLASTT!.Pics below...
Jovi on stage

Joan Ngomab and Model/actress Eka

Steveslil on stage!

Mc Petit Sony and Renise

Petit Sony and Steveslil
Magasco,Petit sony and Tiana Gasha

Hottie Of The Week!!EPOSI TONI!

Ok,she is not an actress or a producer or a director or anything entertainment!She is my cousin!She just graduated from Cambridge University with a Diploma in Management.How cool is that???Anywayz...she is Hot and i just wanted to say Congratulations sis.Im so proud of You!Come on MBK readers,show some love......

Monday, December 10, 2012


     Heyy y'all...yeaa yeaa i missed u too[lol].Been foreva right?Well be rest assured i didn't abandone you all for nothing.Ok,Camer has received alot of Nollywood stars,from Patience Ozorkwo to Olu Jacobs and from Van Vicker to Jim Iyke,from Collette Orji to Eucharia Anunobi and alot more.This weekend guess who stormed Limbe???Uche Jumbo,Collette Orji and Kevin Brook!!

    BLOOD or WINE premiered on the 7 of December 2012 at Hotel Seme Beach, Movie starrin,Jim Iyke, Uche Jombo, Jeff Epule, Quinta Eyoung Ashu, Yijika Solange.They looked so fly!More pictures after the cut....