Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey peepz.
  when i did the piece on COLLETTE ORJI coming to Cameroon,i recieved some hateful emails people telling me to stop bluffing.Ok i hear una.She is here now.In your face haters!She is in Cameroon and i had the priviledge to talk with her in her hotel room in Kumba.Such a sweet and polite lady.Love you Coco!.She is still here and will be hitting Buea on Monday.So if there is anyone who will like to meet her in person..u know how we do it here on MBK.Email...Well i did look great behind her though!Here are some pictures for you...


Friday, August 10, 2012

Hottie Of The Week!NSANG DILONG

Hey dolls....
    ok i have decided to add this on our list.Every friday we going to have one face  to be our Hottie of the week.You can email me a picture of a model,actress,blogger,producer,director or a just a Hottie you think is hot to be our hottie of the week.He/she my not be a celeb but heyy...we are here to promote right?Anybody you think is Hot our first Hottie of the week is MISS WEST AFRICA,CAMEROON 2011,NSANG DILONG.Is she Hot or Not?I vote Hot!


Thursday, August 9, 2012


She is a Cameroonian  actress who lives in Vernice,Italy.She has a huge passion for acting and incredibly great at interpreting scripts.She is a very friendly and sincere person with a very charming smile.This is CARINENASH KING,one actress you will never regret working with.Her manager AYUK OJAGE tells me they are working on her coming to Cameroon for some movie productions.This is an actress you should look forward to seeing on our screens!You can meet her on facebook via *

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


       Its your girl miss bangz and i've got sometyhing you all going to love!Ok...i just got thgis information from the source itself that.....MISS COLLETTE ORJI is going to be in Cameroon!!!!For the very few who will be asking who she is....??Well thats why you have got me right?She is Cameroon -born Nollywood superstar!Does that make sense?hehe...Ok she was born in Cameroon,she got her primary and secondary education here!She later on moved to Nigeria and became a Nollywood actress!She has acted with so many big names like OLU JACOB,PATIENCE OZUKWOR,NADIA BUARI,UCHE JOMBO and a whole lot of others.Why she is coming to Cameroon?She said CAMEROON has given her so much so its time for her to try and give back a little.Hey did i mention that she is coming here for her birthday party?ohh My kongossa[gossip] mouth again!!!!Well she will be here on friday the  10th August which is also her birthday!Well i certainly cannot wait to actually meet her in person!You can catch her on her keep you posted thought for more on her!Untill then loves!!!!  xoxo!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey there MBK readers
               The results of the GCE 2012 is out.Like they say,''June is Collective,While August is Selective.''.You wondering where you go get the results for free?Don't worry i got you covered.To all those who made it congratz and to the unfortunate once..well you've always got next year right?!A big shout out to my friend  and camer's finest,hip hop artist NDINAYI EMMANUEAL.. aka JAY JAY...congratulation pretty boy!My kid sister NENE MBENG.,im proud of you liltle sister!!



       Just click on the link and you will get your results.....Goodluck people!