Monday, March 25, 2013


''Na that Bamenda Boy again''!lol MUMAK signee Magasco Efsi just dropped his much anticipated ''Kumba Market'' audio single.It was written by Magasco and produced by DJ Pazoo.Can't say it wasn't worth the wait.Cool song Magasco.Listen to it and you know how we do it...Drop your comments.....

Saturday, March 23, 2013


 Hey ladies,you all know i hate to be the bearer of bad news but i got to do what i got to do.Ok 2face is married!lol.enheh nahhh.No b bad news that?.hehe..So She is Annie Macaulay.An actress/producer/presenter.Remember her from the original ''African Queen'' clip?Yeaa she is 'that'' girl.The have been together for a very long time.They have a daughter together.They had their traditional wedding this 12 and their white wedding is currently going on in Dubai going on right now.Will update y'all on more pictures but see the first as well as some of their traditional wedding pictures after the cut...

Friday, March 22, 2013


Novelist,Poet an author of the novel 'Things Fall Apart' passed away earlier today due to complications from a “brief illness.He was 82years old.My his soul Rest in Peace.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mbutung Seikeh as Ninah
      The ninth edition of Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), the most popular awards ceremony in Africa, is scheduled to come off April 25, 2013 in Bayelsa, Nigeria.On thursday the 16 march,nominees for the award were announced and Nina's Dowry emmerges with 7 nominations.It was written and directed by award winning director Victor Viyuch.It was nominated for;

  1;AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Make:up
  2; AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Screenplay
  3; AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Child Actor
  4; AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Supporting Role
  5; AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actor In A Leading Role
  6 ;AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Leading Role
  7; AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film

      The film opens in the mountains of Cameroon, Africa with Ninah (Mbufung Seikeh) the 20-year-old wife of Memfi (Anurin Nwunembom) her head strong husband.  A sharecropper for a local land baron, his duty to him overshadows justice to his family.  On one afternoon Memfi gets a visit from the baron telling him that one of his children has ridden his horse. Being forbidden, Memfi has to punish the boy.  Ninah steps in to protect him she also gets beaten.
      Deciding she has had enough abuse, Ninah escapes the house and travels to her sick father.  When she gets there they tell her that she must go back to her husband because it is the customary law.  Ninah refuses causing uproar among her family members and friends of Memfi.  Memfi demands his dowry back.  When she cannot pay he grabs her and forces her to go back to his farm.
     The film has some very gut wrenching scenes with a lot of brutality.Victor Viyuch gives the viewer a close up view of how women are treated in the Cameroon like slaves to their husbands and fathers.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


New Pope was elected today after the resignation of Pope BenedictXVI on February 28.The new Pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.He is 76 years old and from Buenos Aries,Argentina.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


          Hey fabulous MBK readers,howz the week been so far?You all know how i like to promote new acts,well my ever searching eyes caught up with a Band,they known as D-JENERATION..Well it was their cute faces which first got my seriously they base here in Cameroon.
        The tantalizing two have a well balanced mix of song writing skills and beat making magic! D-jeneration's home hitting lyrics & banging beats are sure to have you hooked, addicted - longing for more![At least they have]
          Born with a PASSION for MUSIC, this R&B/Hip Hop duo are one of the most talented and authentic bands around. In November 2010, Henry Djoutsa & Yannis Pana formed a union, creating the one and only D-jeneration. Committed to; producing/releasing music people can relate to, embracing their talents and recognizing plus appreciating the importance of a supportive fan base, D-jeneration continue to follow their passion of one day having national and international recognition and success.
          With their Revolutionary Rapper (Yannis Pana) , Sensational Singer (Henry Djoutsa) and Retro group name; D-jeneration are longing to be heard. Currently unsigned and hoping to influence Cameroonians and win over the hearts of those around the world, D-jeneration with their unique style and raw talent are finally ready to send shock-waves of their music across the world.
   So they currently working on their debut album which will be released pretty soon.Ok .Follow them on twitter @D_jeneration ..and like their page on facebook via this link to their single released this tuesday after the cut...